GW2 Patch July 2016: New features!

A new patch just rolled out for Guildwars 2 and I feel there’s a few things worth highlighting, these are subtle but very useful changes.

Guildwars 2
Health bar percentages option.
  1. Health bar percentages, you now have the option to see health as a percentage on both enemy and friendly characters.
  2. Recipes are now account bound rather than character bound, when obtained via a consumable, hurrah!
  3. There is now a search bar in your materials tab in the bank/account vault window.
  4. You can now mute dynamic combat music so that you are able to enjoy the ambient music throughout the game more freely, there are a few exceptions to this for specific boss battles that have their own music though.
  5. I’ve saved the best for last…Right click salvage all! You can now right click on a salvage kit and select salvage all to cut down on all the clicking…especially useful after doing a boss run.
Guildwars 2
Right click…salvage all option.

So there you are, some simple tweaks that will improve gameplay considerably. The update of course contained the Living World Season 3 story, and updates to fractals and raids, but I wanted to draw some attention to the more subtle and general tweaks perhaps not covered elsewhere.

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Pokemon Go Tips & tricks.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up for the game everyone loves to hate right now!

  1. Nicknaming Eevee before evolving influences the process as follows;
Pokemon Go

2. Catch all those common Pokemon (I’m looking at you Pidgey who is everywhere) use a lucky egg before you evolve them, and you’ll get a decent amount of experience for very little cost.

3. If you use incense to attract more Pokemon, walk around after doing so, according to Reddit, Pokemon spawn every 5 minutes after using incense if you are standing still, but one spawns every 60 seconds if you have walked at least 200m in that time.

4. Walk in as straight a line as possible when hatching eggs. As the app only checks your location every minute or so, you may be cheated out of distances when cornering!


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Waltham Abbey

I recently went on a tour of the beautiful church, grounds and park in Waltham Abbey, here are some snaps taken on the day.

Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey itself.
Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey
King Harold?
Waltham Abbey
Part of the church.
Waltham Abbey
Skyrim savepoint!
Waltham Abbey
The gardens.
Waltham Abbey
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Birthday Fun.

Knitted Manatee

My birthday is obviously one of my favourite times of year, this year was no exception. Firstly, my Nan knitted me a manatee. Manatees are my favourite animals, and I have never seen a knitted one before, this is definitely a special gift!

Lowery Stand

Then after much research finding discount codes, I was lucky enough to secure a Lowery stand from my boyfriend. I will feature this in a seperate blog post in future, but for now, to anyone thinking of taking the plunge, I would say go for it. (But research some discount codes for SewandSo or another online retailer first!)

Space Kez

My brother took me on an adventure to the “Above and Beyond” exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. It features exhibits on the latest developments in aerospace and space travel research, flying cars, reusable space rockets and elevators into space!

New Space Frontiers

Whilst there I treated myself to a book that covered these wonderful aspects of Science and Engineering in more detail, and a Nebula bookmark 🙂

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Be Quiet Power Supply 650W.

Be Quiet Power Supply


Sometimes I purchase PC upgrades out of necessity and sometimes I purchase them purely as a treat. A new power supply was a necessity, but a Be Quiet one was not. However, given the choice again, I would absolutely pay more for the better product such as this one. This particular model is sturdy, comes with a good selection of cables and all cables are braided to a high standard. My only gripe was that some of the cables are just that little bit short for ideal cable management, but I’m not someone who is very fussy with what the inside of my PC case looks like! Highly recommended piece of kit and worth the extra cash over a cheap unit.

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