News: UC3 in Playstation Home

Finally a reason to spend some time in Home on PSN…

Tomorrow after a little maintenance, the Uncharted 3 Home space goes live and features a rather awesome mini game.

The Fortune Hunter game is set in Yemen and has you searching for treasures while battling waves of attacks from enemies, not only do you have to dodge bullets, but collapsing walls and falling crates are added into the mix to keep you on your toes.

Your efforts don’t go unrewarded though, as those who complete all the challenges the space has to offer over the coming weeks, will receive a voucher code for a Kickback Endurance Booster to use in the full game!

To help you out, a number of weapons have been hidden within the space including a machine gun, a pistol and some grenades.

So put on your best virtual togs and head to the UC3 space in home tomorrow evening, I may catch you there 🙂

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