Exploits: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer: Engineer.


So it’s finally here, BF3, and I’m loving what I have played so far of both the campaign and the multiplayer, I want to play more before reviewing the game in full though, so here’s 3 tips for anyone looking to play as an engineer in the multiplayer modes, please share your own hints and tips in the comments guys! 🙂

1) Rockets: Right from the offset, an engineer is equipped with a rocket launcher that, with one well executed shot, can take out an enemy tank. You can also use it to destroy enemy cover, to pathe the way for your team mates to storm in and launch an assault.

2) Repair: Engineers have the ability to repair vehicles, this will prove key in same game modes and on some maps.

3) Recommended weaponry: Engineers shouldn’t really aim to engage in combat with enemies in the distance, or those running, instead, arm yourself with a mid to close range weapon, and use this when disturbed from your role in order to defend yourself, and when defending an objective.

See you on the Battlefield!

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