Multiplayer Month: Week 2 (Battlefield 3)

For the second week of Multiplayer Month, I jumped out of my comfort zone and into the world of FPS for a while, I like these games, but really do struggle to develop any skill in them. But that’s exactly why Battlefield 3 is great, because my team-mates were instrumental in helping me to find my place and a role within the matches.  If you have read any reviews of BF3, the majority seem to agree that the single player campaign is lacking but the multiplayer element is a shining example of how such modes should be executed in any game genre. Fast efficient matchmaking, genuinely different classes and specialisms and a huge emphasis on teamwork. Some may argue it’s unfair to compare across genres, but if we take Uncharted 3 in comparison, Battlefield 3 is lacking the fun and addictive elements that make UC3 stand out, but offers something different in the form of more specialist roles played by each team member, and in my opinion, more of a challenge in the objectives. This may simply be down to the fact that I’m pretty bad at FPS games in general however.

The graphics are great, although not superb, the sound design is outstanding in Battlefield 3, and there are a good number of modes and maps to play through. In playing the game for a week though, I couldn’t shake a feeling of sameness after a few days of playing, and this is something I did not experience in UC3.

Having played a handful of FPS multiplayer modes, I would list BF3 as my favourite for team based play, it’s significantly enhanced if you know the people on your team, and can all talk tactics on microphones. If you need an engineer to take out enemy vehicles, then I can now say, I’m your girl!

So, onto Week 3, and it’s MMORPG time in the form of DC Universe Online for PS3, comment/tweet @kezla if you fancy becoming a super hero this week.

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