Multiplayer Month: Week 4 (Borderlands)

Borderlands Co-Op

And so I end Multiplayer month with a game which is still one of my favourite multiplayer experiences of all time and that’s Borderlands. Why is this so special I hear you ask? Well, it’s one of the very few games where you can actually play the story mode in co-op play, not only that but you can play the entire game in co-op mode! This means if you find yourself stuck at any point, friends can join in and help you out of sticky situations. The not so good is that I have experienced difficulty connecting to my friends (Seems to be a problem when I’m using an ADSL connection but not a cable one) and have witnessed bugs such as freezing or being kicked out of an arena event. These can be incredibly frustrating but are thankfully rare.

The good parts though are the characters are very different, and you can customise to your own play style and specialise in areas that your counterparts do not, so a team really is a team in Borderlands.  Loot drops are a free for all, so those clever people amongst you will divide and share loot depending on character strengths.

Sound design and graphics aren’t this games strongest point, the focus is on fun and individuality, it has an amazingly awesome and unique artstyle. The UI is quite in depth, as skill points and mods are involved in levelling up, but it’s simple enough for those not accustomed to this type of gameplay to quickly get up to speed on. There is in game voice chat, and people can be invited to join your game at any point, although not seeming like a game you will pour hours into at first, I’ve racked up a significant amount of time in here, and still drop into beginner games to help guys out occasionally. Competitive multiplayer this is not people, but co-op multiplayer wise, this is some of the best you will experience on current gen consoles.

So that concludes my Multiplayer Month, I’d like to thank everyone who joined me on PSN for a game or two, and to those who didn’t make it this time, at the requests of a few, I shall be repeating this theme later in the year, post summer, with different games. I’m also going to introduce “MultiPlayer Mondays” because, Mondays really do need a little something to make them slightly more bearable on occasion, so on random Mondays, I invite you to join me in a game or two of something on PC or PS3, any suggestions guys? Leave them in the comments please.

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  1. It may be terribly cliche but I’d love to see a Call of Duty title feature just to see how you feel that MP suite matches up to the titles you’ve played. I think it needs more than one Monday’s attention though (although that’s a great idea).

    A driving title might be fun one too. I own Gran Turismo 5, Dirt 3 and Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing yet I’ve spent only a combined 30 minutes online so would love to see that feature.

    Other than those? Would Beat ’em ups be a little prohibitive? Methinks they would be.

    Great concept though so kudos!

    1. CoD would be interesting in comparison I think. I have 4 and 5 I believe (Not a fan of the series but tried)

      Drivings a good idea! I have GT5 and Dirt 3 also.

      Beat em Ups would be fun I think, I have Tekken 6 and Mortal Kombat.

      Great suggestions thanks =D