Question of the month: August 2012.

What is your Favourite Childhood/Retro Game?

This is a tough one…but I had to pick an interesting one to kick off a new blog/vlog series right? If you are a Youtuber post a video response, bloggers erm…blog and general internet people,  please comment below. I hope this helps me and yourselves remember some awesome but long forgotten gems, and to discover some older, but still excellent, new games to play.

Alex Kidd

Without further ado…Mine is Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I still to this day have not completed it, and it still to this day has the best boss battles of any game. I recorded myself playing the first few stages for your viewing pleasure.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

PS. Games are definitely getting easier don’t ya think?

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  1. This is so tricky! The first console I ever actually owned myself was an XBox 360, so I’m going to have to say Super Mario Land 2, 6 golden coins on the original Game Boy. I played that for probably a whole year. I think I still have it somewhere but my gameboy is unfortunately no longer with us.
    I did love the Sonic games on the mega drive as well although I have never managed to actually complete one of the dreaded water levels.
    I do however remember spending lots and lots of money down the arcade on Street Fighter, Golden Axe and the original X-Men platformer (that I now play on my phone!)
    But I’m going to stick with the game boy beauty in green that was Super Mario 2. Those 6 gold coins, oh how I loved that game.

      1. I was poor! got a gameboy for my birthday and had to play Tetris for month until Xmas when I could have a new game… Super Mario 2 of course!

  2. Have to admit I’m not a fan of truly retro games, I like the stories and fancy graphics of modern games. But I have fond memories of a couple. My first computer was a C64 and one of my favourite games was Amazing Spider-Man. A puzzle game that depended on your use of wall crawling and web slinging to avoid Mysterio’s traps. I’m sure it’s available to download as a dos game now. Hmmm, tempting!