How to be Happy.


Sorry, the title may have mislead you a little…I don’t yet have this answer.

Truth be told, my years working in mental health have taught me that both the “how” and the “happy” are different for everyone. So I need a little help here.

I plan to share some basic therapy techniques with you guys and girls over the coming months, things I have been taught in my time as a therapist, things I have learned on the job, things that have pulled me out of a rut, and things my patients have invented and found useful.

But I need some direction…how shall I deliver this to you all? If you have any questions regarding mental health and mental illness forward them my way please. I can keep things anonymous should you wish. Just emailĀ or tweet me @kezla. You can of course leave an anonymous comment here too.

Also, if there are specific difficulties and themes you wish me to focus on, anxiety, self esteem etc. Then let me know that too.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.



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