Question of the Month: What’s your default character type?

Guildwars 2


Inspired by a conversation with my boyfriend in which I explained how frustrated I was with myself, for abandoning my Guardian and going back to my Elementalist roots in Guildwars 2, this month’s discussion topic is all about your default character type. Well, that’s if you have one. Allow me to elaborate on this topic.

I’ve been a Guildwars 1 player for about 10 years. Guildwars is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, a “create your character, and play online with friends” kinda game. MMOs are renowned for having great customisation options in the way you not only choose your appearance (everything from race to hair colour) but you also choose a character class/occupation/specialism. It’s called different things in different games but basically pertains to what kind of combat skills, or role you will play during battles in the game.

I am, without exception always a Mage/Elementalist/Magic type character, I stand far away from the enemy and cast spells to cause damage. And I am always a female, and most often, a human female.

It occurred to me recently that this is rather sad, I play 4 games in which combat style is a choice, and your choice of style varies greatly between the characters in the game, and I’m playing as a similar person in them all! From a console perspective, I play Borderlands and Borderlands 2 both as the Siren.

So, when Guildwars 2 was released, I abandoned my Human/Elementalist norms of Guildwars 1, and stepped outside my comfort zone and opted for a plant race, monk type character…A Sylvari Guardian. Sure the theme was still spell casting, but it was a different kind of role and spell.

This lasted 3 months, until things in the game got tricky and I found myself lacking the motivation to jump in and play. I had a think about why this was and since I loved the game, felt it may have something to do with the fact that I felt the role didn’t fit me right. Sure enough, I revert back to a human female elementalist, and you have to drag me off the game now.

All is not lost though, as I play as a Monk in Diablo III and as a Panda monk in World of Warcraft! I’ve also just started a Mechromancer character in Borderlands 2, and I must confess, I enjoy playing as her, more than I do the moody siren.

So, what’s your thoughts on character types and roles? Do you find yourself leaning towards the same role within combat in each game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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  1. I’m not an MMO’er but love any game that gives you a choice if characters. I always opt for the quick, agile (and as a result, weaker) character. I also have a disturbing habit of choosing to play as a female.

      1. With character creation do you create a digital version of yourself? If I create a male character I like him to look like me. I went femshep with ME2 because male shep didn’t have an option for long hair. :p

        1. Lol yes I do ! Sometimes they have a cooler hair style than I can be bothered to maintain on myself, but they are always slightly taller then the average woman, with my sort of features and shape just like me.

  2. I usually go for human/ele too, but sometimes i think i’ll play the game more than once and start with a basic human/warrior, i usually never do the 2nd playthrough though.

    1. I think like this too 🙂 There’s just too many games I want to play, to go back to one I have already finished though!