Tassimo T40 Mini Review.

Hello Internets, it’s been a while, so I shall move straight into a few requests for posts that I have had, firstly, a few people have tweeted that they would like my thoughts on my magical coffee/tea/hot chocolate making machine that Santa bought me for Christmas, so I will start with that!

Tassimo T40

I have a Tassimo T40 hot drinks maker, they retail for about £120, but are regularly reduced to half price in supermarkets and electrical retailers like Argos and Comet, so keep an eye on those if one takes your fancy.  You fill the tank located at the back with cold tap water, pop a T-Disc in the top, close the lid and press the button and the machine reads the barcode on said disc and brews/dispenses the beverage at the correct temperate into your cup.  There are many manufacturers offering similiar machines, but I went with Tassimo purely because they have a partnership with Twinings tea, and as most of you are aware, I am a tea fanatic, and I don’t actually drink coffee at all.

Thing I love about it;

  • The range of beverages on offer…there are 30 varieties of coffee, about 10 different teas and 3 different hot chocolates to sample from the UK Tassimo store, the discs are also available in supermarkets although the range is much more limited.
  • The ease and simplicity, I don’t have to worry about how long tea has been brewing, the machine takes the guess work out of things.
  • The taste…perhaps the most important thing, all the teas have a very clean, fresh taste, almost like they are filtered, I’m guessing this comes from the fact the discs contain tea leaves and the water is always fresh.

Things I don’t like about it;

  • The price of the T-Discs, 16 teas are £3.80, which is cheap when compared to say, Starbucks, but not cheap when compared with tea bags.
  • Descaling the thing every few months takes 30 minutes! It’s an automatic programme, but definitely takes a while.

The benefits definitely outweigh the costs for me (pun intended) but I do consier it to be a luxry item or considered purchase, if you’re in the market for a single serving drinks maker, then I highly recommend you look into this one.

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