Nexus 7 Mini Review




Having never done a review of a gadget/tech product before, I haven’t really been sure how to write one! So here’s my thoughts, based on what I find useful when buying new tech.

Firstly: I bought a Nexus 7 for 2 main reasons, the first being I wanted a tablet that was under £200. Secondly I wanted something that had, at least as much RAM as my phone (A Samsung Galaxy S II which has 1GB of RAM.) I hunted around, and Google won the cost for best spec prize, and so I opted for that.

The spec;

Screen: 7” 1280 x 800 (216 ppi)

Processor & RAM

  • 1 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor

I have the 16GB, WIFI only model, running on the latest Jellybean update.

What I love;

  • Quality hardware for a very reasonable price. The tablet can handle 14 apps open at once like it’s just one, it’s quick to switch between tasks, games run very smoothly and look gorgeous too.
  • The “feel.” The rubberised back panel is a delight to hold, no other tablet feels quite as nice in the hand.
  • Google Now, a card-based information service that uses GPS in an effort to become one step ahead of the user, primarily image and text based, it displays cards for all sorts of things from the weather forecast to traffic conditions on your route to work.
  • Customisation…I’ve owned iPods, Samsung phones, Nokia phones and various other notebooks, laptops and PDAs and nothing comes close to the level of custimisation you have with a Nexus 7, you can have one, or many homescreens and they can display whatever you like, from shortcuts, to widgets to news tickers, its all there at the swipe of a finger.

What’s missing;

  • A decent camera. A 1.3 MP front facing camera and no default camera app means taking pictures is clearly not what Google had in mind for this device. Although not essential for a content consumption device, I feel a better camera would win the Nexus 7 many cool points.
  • Expandable storage, no micro SD card slot or the like means you are stuck with the amount of gigabytes you bought. Not a problem for what I use my tablet for, but worth baring in mind.
  • Not enough tablet/Nexus 7, specific apps.

I get about 8 hours of active use out of this device, and the thin but sturdy form is one you really have to see and feel to believe. Overall, although it’s not a deluxe all singing all dancing tablet, the Nexus 7 is very fast and incredibly well priced for the spec, I recommend anyone who is looking into purchasing a  tablet to take the Nexus 7 into consideration.

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