Secret hobby.

Not so much a secret hobby if you follow me on Instagram, but one I rarely discuss in person, as it’s quite a niche pasttime I think…Cross Stitch. Cross stitch is an embroidery technique involving stitching lots of small crosses onto your chosen fabric to form a picture. It’s simple to learn and just requires the ability to count, plan and have some patience! I’ll post some tips another time if people are interested, however, in an effort to broarden the scope of the blog, I thought I would share my current projects and recent finishes online.

The first project I finished was last year and that was a Japanese doll design I liked the look of.

Japanese Doll

Secondly was a bookmark that I stitched for my Nan for Christmas.

Parrots Bookmark

And finally, yesterday I sat down and organised all my threads and rewarded myself by stitching my favourite mutant…Wolverine!

Wolverine Cross Stitch

I have a few more super heroes planned and am currently researching patterns to customise so that I get them just right…I also want to stitch something Fallout 3/New Vegas related, since they are my favourite games. Do you guys have any creative or crafty hobbies? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. 🙂

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