Pokemon Go Tips & tricks.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up for the game everyone loves to hate right now!

  1. Nicknaming Eevee before evolving influences the process as follows;
Pokemon Go

2. Catch all those common Pokemon (I’m looking at you Pidgey who is everywhere) use a lucky egg before you evolve them, and you’ll get a decent amount of experience for very little cost.

3. If you use incense to attract more Pokemon, walk around after doing so, according to Reddit, Pokemon spawn every 5 minutes after using incense if you are standing still, but one spawns every 60 seconds if you have walked at least 200m in that time.

4. Walk in as straight a line as possible when hatching eggs. As the app only checks your location every minute or so, you may be cheated out of distances when cornering!


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