It’s been a while…


A year in fact, and my life is considerably different in all areas; relationship, work and home, have all changed for me. It’s been a very challenging year, I may reflect on it at some point in this space. But for now, I’m feeling a revamp is in order, as well as some new content, things that may interest you if you have been around this part of the internet before;

  • The latest Guildwars 2 expansion is almost upon us!
  • I’ve switched class preference in Hearthstone from Rogue to Druid.
  • I’ve recently started playing Destiny 2 on PS4. (Review spoiler alert…I think it’s over-rated)
  • I’ve started a couple of new cross stitch patterns.
  • And have learned that budgeting is great for helping my anxiety levels, especially now that I am living alone.

If there’s something you want to hear more about, or would like me to type a piece on, let me know in the comments or tweet @kezla.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

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