Exploits: Skyrim Tips

And so to one of the biggest games ever…and where to start. For those who have played Oblivion, or those well versed in this genre of game, there may be nothing new here, but for those who are new to epic open world role playing games, and new to Skyrim, here I present some beginner tips and tricks to hopefully make your experience a more enjoyable and rewarding one. Please share your tips in the comments or tweet me @kezla.

1) Save often and across multiple files; Skyrim is not without bugs, and may be prone to freezing, this ensures you won’t have to work through your last 8 hours of exploration and questing, it also means should a quest not pan out as you would have hoped, you can replay from a recent save.

2) Make use of the Favourites function; pressing the favourite button (triangle to the playstationites) within your inventory adds that item to a small quick menu accessed by pressing “up” on the directional pad. This pauses combat, and allows you to switch tactics and equipment without taking you out of the game completely.

3) Buy a House; A place to stash your stuff and rest your little head, mine in Whiterun is near both the door to Skyrim, and a merchant. Here’s how to obtain the humble abode;

  • Cost: 5000 Gold
  • Purchase From: Proventus Avenicci, the Jarl’s Steward. Must complete the quest “Bleak Falls Barrow.” (Decorating the house means more containers which, if you’re anything like me, means dividing up your inventory into said containers, making everything that little bit easier to find…note, this will cost you more coin though) Head to the building at the highest point within Whiterun, and enter Dragonsreach to find this man.

4) Combat Styles; As you journey through Skyrim, you may pick up a companion, I highly recommend taking a few moments to trade equipment with them, to make sure you are both different in terms of weapons and armour used, and in combat style in general, if you are a close range warrior, why not make your friend a longer range archer or a mage, the more well rounded your team, the better equipped for battle you will be.

5) Map Markers; A simple tip, yet something I didn’t manage to figure out without Googling (and by the looks of the search results, I’m not alone.) To remove a self-set map marker, press X (Playstationites) on a part of the map that has no name and a menu will pop up asking you whether to “move/keep/remove” your marker…voila!

Happy Questing 🙂

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Exploits: The best of the PSN Store


A special edition post for you all in time for Christmas, I wanted to provide some info on what I deem to be the best content that the PSN store has to offer, in case any of you are lucky enough to receive some store credit in your Christmas stocking, or have some time off work to play something new during this festive season. (Prices are based on the UK store at time of publishing) I’ve categorised and top three’d for readability purposes;

PSN Games

1) Stacking (£8.99) – This game is simply wonderful and my favourite store purchase, see my full review here.

2) Wipeout HD + Fury complete game pack (17.99) – Slightly pricey but well worth it for the complete Wipeout experience, excellent racing, quality soundtrack and what I believe to be the hardest store game to platinum. Race online with friends too.

3) Costume Quest (£8.99) – I guess this is an RPG, it’s difficult to classify, you collect costumes which give you special abilities in battles, a cutesy looking game with a surprisingly complex and satisfying battle system.

HD Remakes & Classics

1) Beyond Good and Evil HD (£7.99) – This was a PS2 game and I missed it first time around, a great adventure game, and slightly different to any I have played before.

2) Streets of Rage 2 (£3.99) – Hands down one of the best games ever made, trophy support included.

3) Daytona USA (£6.29) – Anyone of a certain age will remember playing this in arcades, yes this even includes the “interesting” classic soundtrack, “gentlemen start your engines!”

PSOne Games

1) Final Fantasy IX (£7.99) – 7, 8 and 9 are all avaliable on the store, this is simply my current preference, slightly pricey for an old game but well worth it in terms of how big these games are.

2) Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (£3.99) – Possibly the hardest game on PS1? Let me know your thoughts on that. A platform puzzler and a solid one at that, great story, and very tricky in places, I am still yet to complete this game.

3) Crash Bandicoot (£3.99) – A nostalgic purchase for most people I think, simple platforming fun, and something anyone can pick up and play.


1) Borderlands (£5.49-£6.29, depending on which DLC you choose) Dr Ned for Zombies, Moxxi for the hardest arena games ever, Knoxx for the most content for your money, and Claptrap for the most amusing missions and trophies.  Forced to recommend just one I would go with Knoxx, as it’s the biggest of them all, raises the level cap to 61, and contains the hardest boss fight in the game.

2) Fallout 3/New Vegas (£7.99 each) Fallout 3 wise: There’s Anchorage for lots of combat action, The Pitt for a genuine challenge, Broken Steel to carry on the story of the main game, Point Lookout for something really quite different, and Mothership Zeta for alien goodness. My choice here is Broken Steel, purely because I think the story in Fallout 3 is excellent, closely followed by Point Lookout though, as this DLC adds a large chunk to the game, and feels different to the rest of the world, in a good way.

New Vegas wise; we have Dead Money for casino fun or frustratingly hard quests depending on your outlook on life, Honest Hearts for a journey back to simpler times, Old World Blues for some hi-tech sciencey high jinks and Lonesome Road to bring the new Vegas story line full circle. Each add-on increases the level cap by 5, which in total will increase the maximum level to 50.  Having only played Dead Money and Honest Hearts, I am going to go with Honest Hearts as my choice here, as it adds a lot of different elements to the game including characters, areas to explore and weapons.

3) Stacking: The Lost Hobo King (£3.19) – A stand alone story, 4 new challenges, one with 6 possible solutions! And 20 new dolls for the collectors amongst you.

So those are my highlights from the things I own. Don’t hold me responsible if they go on sale in January though! (You may want to hold off purchasing) Let me know your favourites in the comments below or tweet me (@kezla.)


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Exploits: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer: Engineer.


So it’s finally here, BF3, and I’m loving what I have played so far of both the campaign and the multiplayer, I want to play more before reviewing the game in full though, so here’s 3 tips for anyone looking to play as an engineer in the multiplayer modes, please share your own hints and tips in the comments guys! 🙂

1) Rockets: Right from the offset, an engineer is equipped with a rocket launcher that, with one well executed shot, can take out an enemy tank. You can also use it to destroy enemy cover, to pathe the way for your team mates to storm in and launch an assault.

2) Repair: Engineers have the ability to repair vehicles, this will prove key in same game modes and on some maps.

3) Recommended weaponry: Engineers shouldn’t really aim to engage in combat with enemies in the distance, or those running, instead, arm yourself with a mid to close range weapon, and use this when disturbed from your role in order to defend yourself, and when defending an objective.

See you on the Battlefield!

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Exploits: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta


Following on from the news that Playstation Plus subscribers gained access to the UC3 Multiplayer Beta this week (See here ) I have a few tips to share with you all, since testing the waters after work this week;

1) Use weapons at close range, even if this isn’t your normal playstyle…it would seem that enemies take a ton of bullets to kill off, regardless of what gun you are using.

2) The new Buddy system isn’t just about highfiving…you can respawn on your buddy when they are not in combat, incredibly useful if this is in fact, a real life buddy, who can take cover while you spawn, then you can both launch an attack on an enemy together!

3) Boosters and kickbacks are forms of power-ups for your character. Boosters are equipped before a match, bought money you’ve made during earlier sessions, while kickbacks are activated during a match with medals that you’ve earned via different types of kills and assists, spend some time in the menus creating a loadout that works best for your playstyle.

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Exploits: Battlefield 3 Beta


So the Beta of one of the most anticipated games of the year has arrived for all to enjoy.  To be honest, I don’t think it’s anything groundbreaking, but graphics are of a high quality and sound is pretty good.  The Beta allows players to sample one map (Operation Metro) in one play mode, (Rush) with the objective being to defend way-points, or rush in and detonate them.  After playing for a few hours, I thought I would share some tips with you, and the controller layout for PS3, for people who aren’t familiar with it.

1) If you are on the attacking team, after arming the COM station with explosives, be sure to hang around and defend your work, whilst I was on the defending team, time and time again it was so easy just to stroll up and dis-arm the station after someone had planted explosives, as they just ran off and left it.

2) The tunnel sections of the map are perfect for using a torch attachment on your weapon to blind your enemies as you run for cover, a very effective technique.

3) Creep up on someone from behind, and melee attack them with your knife to grab their dog tags as a souvenir!

Let me know your thoughts/tips by posting a comment below.

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