Question of the Month.

What was the first game you ever played?


This is probably the most frequently asked question I get on Twitter. Yet when I answer, I’m often met with blank faces, as I am actually old enough to have experienced a system that many haven’t…The ZX Spectrum.

ZX Spectrum

This beast had 16 kB of RAM, an image resolution of 256×192, and sound was output through a beeper on the machine itself which was capable of producing one channel with 10 octaves. I don’t know how you have survived this long without one either!

On rainy days when me and my brother did nothing but argue, my Mum would load up Derby Day and once we had waited the 45 minutes for it to load, we would be occupied for hours betting on horse races.  Yes…you read that right…this is a betting game. I don’t know why I’m not addicted to gambling now, or why we even found it so fun to while away hours randomly splashing cash and hurting our eyeballs watching little horses blip along the screen but we did.

Derby Day

My aunt got this running on a emulator on Boxing Day last year and I still love this game and I’ve no idea why, maybe because it’s something different to anything else I do, or perhaps it’s the wit of the race organiser and the competitive element. It doesn’t stand the test of time like a Mario or Sonic game may, but I still play Derby Day to this day. I couldn’t find any footage on YouTube to share, so I may have to figure out a way of uploading some myself, in the meantime…

What was the first computer game you ever played? Share your experiences in the comments section for us all to enjoy 🙂

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Question of the Month: What’s on your Christmas List?

So gaming friends, what games are you asking Santa for this year?

There are only 2 on my list this year;

1) Dishonored (For PC please Santa)


Stealthy Steampunk Action RPG? This is a massive yes for me. It seems to have been a while since a developer came out with something genuinely new and slightly different, and I think Dishonored ticks that box.

2) TheatreRhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)

Final Fantasy

Fun with a capital F. I love rhythm games, both dance based and tap based, I find them a great way of whiling away an hour, and this one has hidden depths in collecting and levelling up characters.

Let me know your wishlist in the comments 🙂

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Question of the Month: What’s your default character type?

Guildwars 2


Inspired by a conversation with my boyfriend in which I explained how frustrated I was with myself, for abandoning my Guardian and going back to my Elementalist roots in Guildwars 2, this month’s discussion topic is all about your default character type. Well, that’s if you have one. Allow me to elaborate on this topic.

I’ve been a Guildwars 1 player for about 10 years. Guildwars is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, a “create your character, and play online with friends” kinda game. MMOs are renowned for having great customisation options in the way you not only choose your appearance (everything from race to hair colour) but you also choose a character class/occupation/specialism. It’s called different things in different games but basically pertains to what kind of combat skills, or role you will play during battles in the game.

I am, without exception always a Mage/Elementalist/Magic type character, I stand far away from the enemy and cast spells to cause damage. And I am always a female, and most often, a human female.

It occurred to me recently that this is rather sad, I play 4 games in which combat style is a choice, and your choice of style varies greatly between the characters in the game, and I’m playing as a similar person in them all! From a console perspective, I play Borderlands and Borderlands 2 both as the Siren.

So, when Guildwars 2 was released, I abandoned my Human/Elementalist norms of Guildwars 1, and stepped outside my comfort zone and opted for a plant race, monk type character…A Sylvari Guardian. Sure the theme was still spell casting, but it was a different kind of role and spell.

This lasted 3 months, until things in the game got tricky and I found myself lacking the motivation to jump in and play. I had a think about why this was and since I loved the game, felt it may have something to do with the fact that I felt the role didn’t fit me right. Sure enough, I revert back to a human female elementalist, and you have to drag me off the game now.

All is not lost though, as I play as a Monk in Diablo III and as a Panda monk in World of Warcraft! I’ve also just started a Mechromancer character in Borderlands 2, and I must confess, I enjoy playing as her, more than I do the moody siren.

So, what’s your thoughts on character types and roles? Do you find yourself leaning towards the same role within combat in each game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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Question of the month: September 2012.

Top 3 Nintendo Games?

Hello friends! It’s been a while…I’ve been on holiday, as you may have guessed from the Kennedy Space Center photos I have spammed you all with on Twitter. [@kezla]

I’m hoping we can now return to normal programming. This weeks post is a tag I have stolen from Kevin, you can check out his answers here I would also recommend taking a look at his “Gaming under 5 minutes” videos as those are superb too.

So here’s my top 3 Nintendo games;

3] MarioKart 64


I’m not sure there is a more fun and addictive Karting game out there, even today. I still play this and enjoy it just as much as I did way back then.


2] Luigi’s Mansion

Luigis Mansion

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy Luigi’s Mansion half as much as I actually did. It’s a game where you vacuum up ghosts, which didn’t really appeal to me…but I was pleasantly surprised and think it’s a charming and very playable game, there are little lighting and physics effects that weren’t seen anywhere else at the time, and the atmosphere was a strange mix of cute and eerie which really worked.

1]  Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey

I was very surprised at the amount of hate this game received from both magazine reviewers and the general reviewing public on YouTube…yes the camera is horrible, but if you get past that, this game is excellent and very unique. It’s quite a dark story and I love the use of the paintbrush and all the puzzles within this adventure platformer.  Very much looking forward to the next installment out soon, just like Luigi’s Mansion!

So guys and girls, what are your top 3 Ninty games?

PS. I specifically tag Mr Fisher to blog his thoughts on this subject once his internet home is back up and running. I do of course want to hear from you all on the subject though!

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Question of the month: August 2012.

What is your Favourite Childhood/Retro Game?

This is a tough one…but I had to pick an interesting one to kick off a new blog/vlog series right? If you are a Youtuber post a video response, bloggers erm…blog and general internet people,  please comment below. I hope this helps me and yourselves remember some awesome but long forgotten gems, and to discover some older, but still excellent, new games to play.

Alex Kidd

Without further ado…Mine is Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I still to this day have not completed it, and it still to this day has the best boss battles of any game. I recorded myself playing the first few stages for your viewing pleasure.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

PS. Games are definitely getting easier don’t ya think?

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