It’s been a while…


A year in fact, and my life is considerably different in all areas; relationship, work and home, have all changed for me. It’s been a very challenging year, I may reflect on it at some point in this space. But for now, I’m feeling a revamp is in order, as well as some new content, things that may interest you if you have been around this part of the internet before;

  • The latest Guildwars 2 expansion is almost upon us!
  • I’ve switched class preference in Hearthstone from Rogue to Druid.
  • I’ve recently started playing Destiny 2 on PS4. (Review spoiler alert…I think it’s over-rated)
  • I’ve started a couple of new cross stitch patterns.
  • And have learned that budgeting is great for helping my anxiety levels, especially now that I am living alone.

If there’s something you want to hear more about, or would like me to type a piece on, let me know in the comments or tweet @kezla.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

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Waltham Abbey

I recently went on a tour of the beautiful church, grounds and park in Waltham Abbey, here are some snaps taken on the day.

Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey itself.
Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey
King Harold?
Waltham Abbey
Part of the church.
Waltham Abbey
Skyrim savepoint!
Waltham Abbey
The gardens.
Waltham Abbey
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Birthday Fun.

Knitted Manatee

My birthday is obviously one of my favourite times of year, this year was no exception. Firstly, my Nan knitted me a manatee. Manatees are my favourite animals, and I have never seen a knitted one before, this is definitely a special gift!

Lowery Stand

Then after much research finding discount codes, I was lucky enough to secure a Lowery stand from my boyfriend. I will feature this in a seperate blog post in future, but for now, to anyone thinking of taking the plunge, I would say go for it. (But research some discount codes for SewandSo or another online retailer first!)

Space Kez

My brother took me on an adventure to the “Above and Beyond” exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. It features exhibits on the latest developments in aerospace and space travel research, flying cars, reusable space rockets and elevators into space!

New Space Frontiers

Whilst there I treated myself to a book that covered these wonderful aspects of Science and Engineering in more detail, and a Nebula bookmark 🙂

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Be Quiet Power Supply 650W.

Be Quiet Power Supply


Sometimes I purchase PC upgrades out of necessity and sometimes I purchase them purely as a treat. A new power supply was a necessity, but a Be Quiet one was not. However, given the choice again, I would absolutely pay more for the better product such as this one. This particular model is sturdy, comes with a good selection of cables and all cables are braided to a high standard. My only gripe was that some of the cables are just that little bit short for ideal cable management, but I’m not someone who is very fussy with what the inside of my PC case looks like! Highly recommended piece of kit and worth the extra cash over a cheap unit.

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Asus GTX 970



After many years, I have FINALLY upgraded my graphics card! Going from a GTX 560 to a GTX 970 is quite the upgrade. I bought this out of my own money as a bundle containing the card, a 256GB SSD and codes for FarCryPrimal and The Division. As expensive as graphics card are, I always think to myself after the upgrade “I should have done this ages ago.”

Yes, graphics aren’t everything in a game, but they really do enhance the whole experience, and I am absolutely loving any game which now features bodies of water!

The card has 4GB of DDR5RAM, consumes up to 225W of power and is almost 30cm long. I had to flash my BIOS to get this to work (my PC is really getting on now!) and juggle around hard drives and cables in order to get this to fit in my case, but the effort was worth it. Quiet, powerful and VR ready for those who wish to invest, this was definitely one of my favourite purchases in recent years.

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