Waltham Abbey

I recently went on a tour of the beautiful church, grounds and park in Waltham Abbey, here are some snaps taken on the day.

Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey itself.
Waltham Abbey
Waltham Abbey
King Harold?
Waltham Abbey
Part of the church.
Waltham Abbey
Skyrim savepoint!
Waltham Abbey
The gardens.
Waltham Abbey

Birthday Fun.

Knitted Manatee

My birthday is obviously one of my favourite times of year, this year was no exception. Firstly, my Nan knitted me a manatee. Manatees are my favourite animals, and I have never seen a knitted one before, this is definitely a special gift!

Lowery Stand

Then after much research finding discount codes, I was lucky enough to secure a Lowery stand from my boyfriend. I will feature this in a seperate blog post in future, but for now, to anyone thinking of taking the plunge, I would say go for it. (But research some discount codes for SewandSo or another online retailer first!)

Space Kez

My brother took me on an adventure to the “Above and Beyond” exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. It features exhibits on the latest developments in aerospace and space travel research, flying cars, reusable space rockets and elevators into space!

New Space Frontiers

Whilst there I treated myself to a book that covered these wonderful aspects of Science and Engineering in more detail, and a Nebula bookmark ­čÖé

EGX 2014.

1. Toryanse



This, was one of the games I loved the look of most at EGX. Backtracking slightly, EGX (Eurogamer expo) was a gaming event that took place in London this past weekend, and despite the big guns being there (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) The areas I spent the most time in, were the 2 indie game sections, the games there fueled my passion for gaming even further.

So to the games…Firstly Toryanse, the┬áStudio Ghibli style art was what first caught my eye, as well as the cat, the thing that pleases me most however, is that this is a point and click adventure game. Within the game all information is presented via speech bubbles and illustrative thought. You can follow the game’s development and find out more by clicking here.

2. Big Pharma



Ever wanted to manage your own pharmaceutical company? I know I have…manage side effects, discover new active ingredients, battle with rival companies, question your own moral compass, and of course, develop drugs, in this sim due for release in 2015. For more info, click here.

3. A light in chorus

A Light in Chorus
A Light in Chorus

Easily the most beautiful game I saw at EGX was A light in chorus. This is an exploration game in which you move around as a reconfigurable swarm of particles, taking on the shapes of the things around you, illuminatiing other things to explore. This is a game that really has to be seen, so I’ll embed a little preview below. For more info on the game click here.

Those were my 3 favourite finds from EGX,

Kezla.com turns 3!

Sam playing with his PS3.

3 years and 102 posts and this is where we are. Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who visits, reads and comments. I’ve had blogs of some description for about 10 years, but have never taken the time, or the care, quite like I have around here, and it’s definitely worth the effort and research. You can find my very first posts here.

As you may have noticed, I’ve started to branch out of the realms of gaming and into some crafty endeavours and lifestyle type posts, these come from my desire to share my crafty stuff with people, and the questions and requests I get on Facebook and Twitter govern the lifestyle type posts. This will always be a blog primarily about gaming (although that was difficult when my PS3 died!) but I will share topics and content about my other favourite hobbies here as well.

When not typing here, I can be found chatting about games with you all on Twitter and sharing stitching pictures on Instagram, I really enjoy interacting with everyone on both sites, and have found some awesome gamers to discuss the latest releases, gaming politics and retro classics with. Here’s to another 3 years! ­čÖé


My new years resolution this year was simple yet powerful…One Fun Thing A Month, in which I did just that. This month came in the form of an afternoon in London with my boyfriend, strolling around Harrods looking at luxury, and then again along Sloane Street, up to Cadogan Hall for an evening of┬áentertainment…Here’s some detail for you on said evening.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of trekking up to Knightbridge to watch John and Hank Green entertain a hall full of geeky intellectuals as part of The Fault in our Stars Tour.  The Fault in our Stars is a book written by John Green, and the evening served to promote the book, as it has finally just been published here in the UK, and to allow fans of the Green brothers to ask questions and enjoy an evening in their company. You see, John may write books and Hank Green may be a musician, but both of them are a force to be reckoned with, in the online video world.

We were treated to Hank’s songs, a reading from the book in question, as well as a live Q & A session filled with questions written by the audience on their way in. ┬áHaving read the book myself, I especially enjoyed John’s comments about the writing process, and the questions posed regarding young adult fiction and teenage readers in general. ┬áHere’s a couple of pictures from the show, and some links for none Nerdfighters, to check out the Green brothers’ work. (Nerdfighters are fans of the brothers, who fight for nerds and the right for anyone to be geeky and passionate about their hobbies and interests.)

John Green talking about The Fault in our Stars.

John Green

Hank Green teaching the masses about chord progressions through the decades and covering Justin Bieber, Green Day, Rebecca Black and Slipknot to demonstrate it all.

Hank Green


And finally, the VlogBrothers together on stage.



For those who want to find out how the brothers are making America and the world smarter…head over to their CrashCourse YouTube channel. For those with an interest in Science, there’s the SciShow channel. And for those who appreciate a random and more personal approach, there’s the hugely popular VlogBrothers channel. ┬áThe evening highlighted for me that I really need to attend more “non concert” nights out, and reminded me how much I enjoy the geekier things in life…Museum visits in summer anyone? What “fun thing” have you done in the past month?