Be Quiet Power Supply 650W.

Be Quiet Power Supply


Sometimes I purchase PC upgrades out of necessity and sometimes I purchase them purely as a treat. A new power supply was a necessity, but a Be Quiet one was not. However, given the choice again, I would absolutely pay more for the better product such as this one. This particular model is sturdy, comes with a good selection of cables and all cables are braided to a high standard. My only gripe was that some of the cables are just that little bit short for ideal cable management, but I’m not someone who is very fussy with what the inside of my PC case looks like! Highly recommended piece of kit and worth the extra cash over a cheap unit.

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Asus GTX 970



After many years, I have FINALLY upgraded my graphics card! Going from a GTX 560 to a GTX 970 is quite the upgrade. I bought this out of my own money as a bundle containing the card, a 256GB SSD and codes for FarCryPrimal and The Division. As expensive as graphics card are, I always think to myself after the upgrade “I should have done this ages ago.”

Yes, graphics aren’t everything in a game, but they really do enhance the whole experience, and I am absolutely loving any game which now features bodies of water!

The card has 4GB of DDR5RAM, consumes up to 225W of power and is almost 30cm long. I had to flash my BIOS to get this to work (my PC is really getting on now!) and juggle around hard drives and cables in order to get this to fit in my case, but the effort was worth it. Quiet, powerful and VR ready for those who wish to invest, this was definitely one of my favourite purchases in recent years.

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Recently Played #2.

The not very regular series of posts in which I detail what I’m currently playing, but haven’t played enough to review in full yet!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

I am completely blown away by this game so far, both in terms of graphical appearance and gameplay. A great story, interesting characters and a very satisfying combat system. If you have a new 3DS I think this is a must own for the system. The soundtrack is also excellent so far, especially through headphones.

FarCry Primal

FarCry Primal

There are some times when I long for more games that don’t involve running around shooting things with guns, as the market can often seem overrun with lots of that. Enter FarCry Primal, set before guns were invented, in the great and lush outdoors, the game is strangely immersive and utterly stunning on PC. (I may have invested in a 970, more on that in a later blog post) It’s a very visceral experience, and one which is holding my attention quite nicely at the moment.

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Book Review: Fangirl


Continuing the bookish theme (I always tend to read more in winter, it feeds my urge to hibernate.) The first book I read this year was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s a young adult fiction novel about sisters starting college, coming of age, fan fiction and fandoms in general. It’s a lighthearted look at some serious topics and the story is interspersed with fan fiction! A clever novel that’s a quick fun read and well paced. The main character is a little passive at times for my liking, but overall this does not affect my view that this is an enjoyable way to spend a couple of evenings. Highly recommended.

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5 books I read in 2015

Whilst updating my Goodreads account to indicate that I had read my first book of the year (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell) I decided that I wanted to create some bookish content on the blog as another way of me charting my reading adventures. So here I detail 5 of the books I read last year.

Paper Towns


Paper Towns is a character driven “young adult” novel, and I adore John Green’s characters, the pacing of this book is excellent, it’s both moving and funny, and I’ve recommended it to several people already.

The Great Gatsby

Full disclosure, I have attempted to read this book twice and struggled both times to get past the first few chapters. So, I decided to try the Audible audiobook version, read by Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s reading is excellent, and the book is one of the most beautifully written pieces of work I have witnessed. So I can recommend both the book, and the virtues of audiobooks here.

KonMari Method

About half the books I read in any year are non fiction, this is the first of two I will detail here. I’m a reasonably tidy person, but have always thought that I hold on to too much stuff. This book and the methods detailed in it really helped me to change my mindset on what I surround myself with at home. The ideas are simple yet powerful, and I have just started reading the illustrated second book in the series.


Another day, another audio book, this time it’s the first Oz book read by Anne Hathaway. I adored this reading and got through it in just 2 sittings, Anne really brings the characters to life.

Felicia Day

I absolutely adored Felicia Day’s autobiography, and related to a lot of her experiences earlier in life. Anyone with a geeky side will probably appreciate many of the anecdotes here.

I’d love to hear what you have been reading lately, so comment below or tweet me @kezla

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