A tabulated index of all gaming reviews for easy reference.

Game Title


Online Mutiplayer?

Online Co-Op?





 Skyrim  93%  No  No
 Dirt 3  88%  Yes  No
 SSX  88%  Yes  No
 Medal of Honor 84%  Yes  No
 DC Universe Online  84%  Yes  Yes
 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker  79%  No  No
 Simpsons Arcade  77%  Yes  No
Battlefield 3 81% Yes Yes

A note on the wildcard system.

The Wildcard System is a scoring system designed to give clarity and some consistency to review scoring, but without losing the sense of the author’s voice and the variety of games on offer today. So in addition to scoring generic factors such as game-play and graphics, points will also be awarded for various unique qualities a game may posses. The maximum points breakdown is detailed below;

Gameplay 0-10 points
Graphics 0-10 points
Story 0-10 points
Sound 0-10 points
Music 0-10 points
Wildcards 0-50 points

The total of all factors gives an overall percentage score, and Wildcards are detailed within the reviews, but can be factors such as originality, controls and co-op modes depending on what is relevant to the game being reviewed.


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I like this idea of tabulated indexes which I’m expecting you’ve recently started to work on Kezla if it was you at least, but there should be quiet a lot more games and later on categories wouldn’t hurt for each game genre like you will find this index under RPGs or FPS. I am thinking the games you’ve added are only the ones you’ve played and it might also be cool to add ones people around you have played, then just keep going on from there like ones your friend’s friend have played. While you ask them for games you can ask them to check out your site Kezla and ask them to ask others although this would be most likely to only work with close friends whom listen to you.

    1. Great suggestions thank you Branden. The list is of games I have reviewed here on the site, but adding categories would be useful, so I shall be taking that on board 🙂

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