My new years resolution this year was simple yet powerful…One Fun Thing A Month, in which I did just that. This month came in the form of an afternoon in London with my boyfriend, strolling around Harrods looking at luxury, and then again along Sloane Street, up to Cadogan Hall for an evening of entertainment…Here’s some detail for you on said evening.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of trekking up to Knightbridge to watch John and Hank Green entertain a hall full of geeky intellectuals as part of The Fault in our Stars Tour.  The Fault in our Stars is a book written by John Green, and the evening served to promote the book, as it has finally just been published here in the UK, and to allow fans of the Green brothers to ask questions and enjoy an evening in their company. You see, John may write books and Hank Green may be a musician, but both of them are a force to be reckoned with, in the online video world.

We were treated to Hank’s songs, a reading from the book in question, as well as a live Q & A session filled with questions written by the audience on their way in.  Having read the book myself, I especially enjoyed John’s comments about the writing process, and the questions posed regarding young adult fiction and teenage readers in general.  Here’s a couple of pictures from the show, and some links for none Nerdfighters, to check out the Green brothers’ work. (Nerdfighters are fans of the brothers, who fight for nerds and the right for anyone to be geeky and passionate about their hobbies and interests.)

John Green talking about The Fault in our Stars.

John Green

Hank Green teaching the masses about chord progressions through the decades and covering Justin Bieber, Green Day, Rebecca Black and Slipknot to demonstrate it all.

Hank Green


And finally, the VlogBrothers together on stage.



For those who want to find out how the brothers are making America and the world smarter…head over to their CrashCourse YouTube channel. For those with an interest in Science, there’s the SciShow channel. And for those who appreciate a random and more personal approach, there’s the hugely popular VlogBrothers channel.  The evening highlighted for me that I really need to attend more “non concert” nights out, and reminded me how much I enjoy the geekier things in life…Museum visits in summer anyone? What “fun thing” have you done in the past month?


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