Gaming Bargains: Humble Origin Bundle.

Just wanted to spread the world about the rather excellent and bargainous Humble Origin Bundle on offer at the moment. In a nutshell, it’s a bundle of games, you choose what you pay for them, and how much of your cash goes to charities, developers and humble bundle itself. These are always a good deal, but the blockbuster titles in this offering almost make up for the fact that a lot of them you can only redeem on Origin. Some you get Steam codes for, but others must be used in EA’s sham of software that is Origin.

Humble Origin Bundle

Here’s a few words on the games that I have already played from the bundle;

Burnout Paradise – Not my favourite in the series (That would be Burnout Takedown on PS2) but a very enjoyable racer non the less. I like the open world feel and variety of events.

Mirrors Edge – A great, challenging, and quite unique game with a super cool art style.

Medal of Honor – Disliked by many (Especially sheep like COD fans) but I loved this, and am excited to play multiplayer on Steam. Read my full review here.

Battlefield 3 – Gorgeous and fun to play multiplayer, but in my eyes, not as immersive as Medal of Honor. Read my thoughts on the MP element here. And my thoughts on the game as a whole, here.

Sims 3 – I have played and enjoyed this, but wouldn’t really class myself as a Sims game fan.

Everything else in the bundle is new to me. Let me know if you purchase this, or your thoughts on any of the games in the bundle, in the comment section 🙂

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